Even Rats Need Good Homes

Sara was just five years old when her grandma died. Her grandpa had not been taking it too well, and he really missed his wife. Little Sara missed her grandma just as much as he did. It seemed like each time she tried to talk to him, he never said a word. The farm that her grandpa lived on was big, and it was getting to be a lot to take care of for him, so Sara’s dad tried to go each weekend to help with it.


One Saturday he brought little Sara long. When they got there, she asked if she could go see the animals in the barn. Her father told her yes, and away she went. With her grandpa being so down with the loss of his wife, he hadn’t really noticed how things were becoming run down. When Sara went to look for alfalfa cubes to feed the cows and horses, she saw rats scurrying away. With kindness in her heart, Sara set two small sugar cubes down next to the hole where the rats went in, so they would have a treat for later too. Sara loved animals, no matter which kind they were. She checked on every animal in the barn, big and small, talking to him or her as she went. It seemed they were as lonely as she had been lately.

After giving each animal a snack she hated to go, but knew her dad would be looking for her. When she found him, she told him what she had done, including feeding the rats. A look of worry went over her dad’s face when she mentioned how many rats there were. He said they might have to hire a rat removal specialist. Provided is a link incase you are having the same issue Chicago Rat Removal. Sara started to cry because she never wanted to see animals get hurt. Her dad explained that not all animal removal specialists hurt animals; some just relocate them, and get them new homes. He promised to find one that wouldn’t hurt them. He called around and found wildlife removal specialists that told him about their safe methods, and he scheduled an appointment for them to be there the next day. The wildlife removal specialists even talked to Sara, letting her know everything would be ok. They set humane traps to catch the rats in and promised to come back to check on them each morning. After a week, all of the rats had been caught, and little Sara knew they had new homes.